MESA table can meet many different functions and is ideal for use at home, but can also be used in public utility buildings as a conference table. Table that can serve as a work station and a dining table. Depending on your needs, you can easily change its character. Drawers will allow you to properly organize your work, keeping everything you need at hand. The robustness of the oak and the beautiful finish give it nobility which can not be underestimated. MESA Table has been designed in several options: a table with the dimensions of 2,60 x 0,9 m with three drawers on each side; a table with the dimensions of 2,60 x 0,94 m without drawers; a table with the dimensions of 2,0 x 0,9 m with two drawers on each side (drawers colour options: oak wood, white, dark green, red, olive-green) and a table of 2,0 x 0,9 m without drawers.

Project info

design by Studio 1:1

materials: oak wood, powder coated steel

manufacturer: DOKI

delivery time: 25 days