Our objects are formed with the guiding view that thought, art and technology must be reconciled. Since the very beginning the Gdańsk Shipyard, where our office was based for many years, has been our inspiration. This is where we were able to observe the day-to-day labor of engineers and workers, whose creativity and resourcefulness inspired us.

The simplicity of solutions used in technologically advanced ships, pushed our work towards clear, efficient and honest concepts. At the core of all these concepts is the ever-evolving integration of living and working. We want them to be intelligible, transparent and honest. The objects we design don’t imitate anything, don’t have another side; we want them to be durable, repairable; we want them to mature rather than age. We design them by referring to the identity of the place, to cultural space in which we worked and lived.

We manufacture our products locally, within the range of several dozen kilometers, using the skills of local craftsmen and manufacturers. We try to utilize native, easily accessible materials, while paying attention to their effective use.

In our work, the item, the thing, as well as its meaning and impact on people and surroundings are of equal importance. The excess of things distances us from what is important. We strongly believe that well designed and balanced objects will not disturb this harmony, and hopefully will stay with you for many years to come.