You can't do less,
you don't need more.

We design with this principle close to our hearts. We create things with a transparent structure. They are mostly made of natural materials: solid wood, wool and stone. All this so they are durable – they mature rather than age. All this so they are durable – they mature rather than age.

Doki – a name of the street in Gdansk, where our mother company Studio 1:1 was located for many years. It allowed us to observe the work of shipyard workers and how they nourish longstanding traditions of manufacturing.

The simplicity of their tools (often self-made) and methods of work which they use to build technologically advanced ships, have always inspired us.

Taking a closer look at the post-industrial landscape, we try to see what is good in it: resourcefulness, humility and honesty. We want our objects, just like ones that inspire us, to not pretend anything, to make them simple and clear.

We always make sure – who, where and how – makes our products.

Most of our manufacturers are small artisanal factories, which are distinguished by a great experience, and employees who understand the material they work with.

Whenever possible, we select manufacturers and suppliers located as close to our premises as possible. All that to minimize the carbon footprint caused by transportation.

Eco Design

Koncepcja less waste, zero waste, CSR jest nam bardzo bliska. Działamy na zasadzie zrównoważonego rozwoju, ekonomii społecznej i inkluzji różnorodności. Staramy się upraszczać i skracać łańcuch produkcji. O ile to możliwe korzystamy z lokalnych materiałów, dostawców, producentów.

Struktura mebli do samodzielnego montażu umożliwia ich wysyłanie w mniejszych paczkach, pozwala także na ograniczenie powierzchni magazynowania. Coraz większą uwagę przywiązujemy do detali takich jak opakowania, kartony, taśmy papierowe pochodzące z recyklingu.

Wreszcie mamy ambicje, aby elementy naszej kolekcji, dzięki swojej powściągliwej formie pozbawionej stylistycznych naleciałości, nie poddawały się tak szybko próbie czasu, a dzięki swojej jakości zostawały z nami na długo.

We are committed to make our objects universal and lasting. The DOKI’s collection was created with needs in mind. We created furniture and accessories that we felt are missing – both in our own homes and in commercial spaces, which we design as the Studio 1:1 – our architectural studio.

Among other things, they trusted us ...